What makes a good fashion video production?  


Fashion photography and videography is a popular genre in photography and videography field that focuses on displaying fashion in various manner. The fashion photo shoot is mostly conducted for advertisements and fashion magazines. It is a way of marketing the fashion model, designers, beauticians as well as photographers and editors. Since a lot of collaboration of works happen in fashion photography, it really works well for all of them. The process of fashion video production is what makes or breaks any fashion videography. A well-built fashion video production undergoes several stages, mainly three. They are pre-production stage, production stage and post-production stage.  

Here are some tips that can make a good fashion video production in Qatar 

  • Do some research about the genre and try to bring out a newer and fresh approach to your shoot 
  • Identify with the type of fashion videography your client requires and come to an understanding 
  • Gather ideas about the type of fashion videography output you need to do receive from the production 
  • Make sure the cast has fashion inputs that go along with the theme of the video. 
  • Assemble the equipment properly, ensure lighting, right lenses and more.  
  • Make the cast comfortable during the production of fashion videography. 
  • Edit well by adding suitable background scores and music.  

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