Types of Artificial Lighting in Photography

artificial lights Using in photographs

Light is one of the most important elements of photography. Natural light offers the best ground work for taking good photographs but with artificial lighting, the elements are different and there is scope to experiment.   

Artificial lighting in photography allows the photographer to control the flow of light in the photograph. This allows the photographer to take interesting photographs with aesthetics and meaning.  

Let’s look at 4 main types of artificial lighting in photography.  

Strobe Lights 

Strobes, flashes and speedlites are the most popular lighting units in photography. They burst out a huge amount of light in a fraction of a second. They also come with light modifying accessories like umbrellas and soft boxes to create a specific style.  

LED Lights 

LED light is the most cost effective and efficient light used in photography.  LED lights help the camera to capture the lights just like in real life and can be used at the same time for taking video footage too. LED lights are also cooler than the rest of the artificial lights. LED lights are not only long lasting but also energy saving products. 


The Compact Fluorescent Light is the curled bulbs used by photographs.  The CFL bulbs are tinted and dull that uses fluorescence to produce visible light.  The CFL bulbs should have a high enough CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 90 or above to create a clean light.  

Incandescent Light 

The large hot lights with warm light used in movie sets and studios are the incandescent lights. The light can be very harsh on the subject and is used to determine how different lighting will affect the color cast of the photograph. The light is diffused by using flags, reflectors and diffusion material. 

The best photographers in Qatar uses these artificial lights cleverly to create stunning photographs and images.  

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