Tips for Making Best Product Videos. 

Product photo shot in qatar

Product photography is all about the customer getting to know the nook and corner of the product without actually seeing or touching it. But how is it achieved? Product photography alone cannot bring this clarity to the customers, therefore arises the need of product videos. Product videos showcases the product inside out in all the angles that is in 360 degrees.  

The main objective of any product video is to get the customers get more acknowledged about the product and encourage them to buy the product. A good product video should be short and impressive that display all the qualities and features of the product.  Here are some tips that you should follow to create a professionally competitive product video.  

  1. Choose the essential equipment for the video 

You will have to set all the essential equipment for the shoot beforehand. There will be cameras, standard or special-purpose lenses, tripods, background equipment. Also make sure to understand the availability of natural light and carry essential lighting equipment like shoe-mount flashes, studio strobes, flash, light modifiers etc. 

  1. Use backgrounds, sets and props efficiently 

Even though product photography Qatar is all about the product, for the product to be highlighted you would want to employ different kinds of backgrounds, sets or props. Experiment with different combinations to get maximum results.  

  • Experiment with the composition of the image 

Try to define the product using different camera angle. Create balance using lines, patterns or textures. Dynamic tension can also be achieved by experimenting well with the shoot. Using various angles will make your product video have beautiful dynamic of the product.  

  • Apply techniques according to the nature of product. 

For general products such as food, beauty products, fabrics and electronics, apply techniques that suit the nature and color of the products. Whereas some reflective products like glass, metal, liquid and jewelry should have special techniques to bring out the product brilliantly.  

  • Edit and process the video well 

Product photography unlike other corporate videos will be a combination of videos and images. Makes sure you have three dimensional details about the product. Add sufficient text to make it more presentable and understandable for the audience. Get the feedback from the client and make it more pleasing with background scores too. 

As you know, there are product videography requires a certain amount of knowledge, skill and experience in the genre. If you are looking for the best product videography services in Qatar, you are at the best place. Contact Al Raza Photography, the leading photography and video production company in Qatar that delivers all kinds of professional photography services. Visit for more information about product photography in Qatar

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