Tips for Interior & Exterior Architecture Photography

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Architectural photography is a type of photography that captures images of buildings and architectures captured by photographers experienced in the field. There are generally two types of architectural photography, interior and exterior photography. The right choice of cameras with a depth of field and wide angle lenses are a must for commercial architectural photography in Qatar

Certain things to keep in mind for an interior architecture photography are as follows

  1. Pre plan the shoot

Visit the interior prior to the shoot and understand the space well. Do some test shots to get an exact picture of the interiors.

  • Organize spaces

One of the most important thing to take care during an interior architectural photo shoot is to organize the spaces well. Don’t spoil the interior by putting unnecessary things in the frame

  • Fix the camera on tripod

Architecture is all about stability and balance. Make sure your camera is attached to a firm tripod.

  • Adjust the light

You can either turn off the lights or allow the natural light to fall through the interiors or turn on partially to accentuate the photograph

  • Use flash

Using flash is an excellent tip for interiors in order to get constant lighting

  • Look for lines

Since a building will have sharp lines and patterns, aligning the frame along with that is an important thing to do. Do not position images that clash with the symmetry of the architecture

  • Frame one or two wall

Framing one or two wall is always a beauty and imparts a sense of completion. However if you are including third wall, make sure to maintain the proportion of all the walls

  • Edit well

A well done architecture photography is a combination of a brilliant photograph and clever editing. By editing you can eliminate the shadows or unnecessary things in the photograph that cannot be avoided during the shoot.

Similarly following some exclusive steps will result in a great exterior architectural photography

  1. Select the right time

Select a perfect time for the photo-shoot by considering the position of the building and natural light. 

  • Experiment with Angles

Exterior architectures when caught at unusual angels yield smore results that the conventional angles

  • Level up with Lines

Find prominent lines in the architecture and level up with it if you are taking normal angle shots

  • Attention to detail

Capture tiny interesting architectural details well. Do not always go behind the overall photograph of the architecture.

  • Focus on shapes and patterns

Capturing the uniqueness of the shapes and patterns in the architecture is always a great tip.

  • Go for Panoramic shots

Use panoramic mode to get wide architectural beauty. Panorama click of exterior architecture contrasted with the blue sky is definitely a winner shot

  • Try Long exposure shots

Trying long exposure shots will give a depth of field to the solids and shapes. Lowering the shutter speed will get you to long exposure shots

  • Post process

Process the images well during editing stage. Hide the faults and polish it well.

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