The Difference between a Portrait and a Headshot

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Why aren’t headshots used in portraits? Because all headshots are not portraits. The primary distinction between a headshot and a portrait is the intended usage of the pictures. Traditionally, portraits are more of a descriptive image intended to convey a story about the subject whereas headshots are done for official business purposes.

Business cards, advertisements, auditions, badges of identification, online profiles, social media profiles, and other forms of identification all employ headshots. In addition to being utilised as framed wall art, portraits are also used in editorial news articles on the topic, lifestyle commercials, book jackets, blog posts, and social media posts. In essence, a portrait informs the spectator more about the subject than a headshot does about the subject.

Here are few ways to differentiate between portraits and headshots

Number of Participants

Typically, a headshot only features one subject. A portrait could have several subjects.


Headshots highlight the face and head. The majority of the time, headshots consist of a close-up of the subject’s head and shoulders. On the other hand, portraits can have a looser frame. The head and shoulders alone, more of the upper torso, or even the full body, might be included in portraits.


The atmosphere of pictures and headshots also varies. Usually, headshots are bright, well-lit, and have a professional vibe and don’t arouse strong feelings in the viewer. But a portrait may include emotion in some way. They can be used to express joy, grief, contentment, excitement, or melancholy.


Another distinction between portraits and headshots is the environment. Many headshots are taken against a plain background or with the background removed through cropping. The surroundings may play crucial role to the portrait if the subject requires one.


The ability to be creative is the last difference between headshots and portraits. Photographers have more creative and aesthetic freedom while shooting portraits than headshot. A portrait photographer might play around with the lighting, pose, colour, attire, props, and backgrounds.

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