Super easy way to do an overhead food shot

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When the camera is directly above the subject, it is said to be taking an overhead shot. It is positioned at about a 90-degree angle above the action. A bird’s view, bird’s eye view, or elevated shot are other names for overhead shots. An overhead food photography is similarly a bird’s eye view of your delicious looking food. It is a major kind of shot when it comes to creative food photography.

Raise the legs of the tripods to their highest position and lower the camera as far as it will go. Lean the tripod against the surface you’ll be shooting from. For best stability, try slanting two of the three legs. Under the third leg at the back, you can lay a stack of books or another item (To start shooting, just make sure your equipment is stable. It is okay if you can’t get your camera to point down at a precise 90-degree angle. Even without a realistically accurate bird’s eye view, you can still get this appearance.

Stabilizing your tripod should be your first priority. While you’re shooting, you don’t want it to tip over or lean the incorrect way. You might be able to accomplish this depending on the size or weight of your tripod by placing some books or weights on the ground or by using gaffer tape or another type of tape that won’t damage your table when you remove it.

Perform a fast walkthrough with all of your props as a test before you begin recording. Every step of the way, check your shot in the viewfinder. Make any modifications required to make this happen. Ideally, you’ll be able to maintain the camera in the same position for the entire time you’re shooting without anything getting cut off. You might find it useful to place tape or an object slightly outside the region you can see in your photo in addition to performing a walk-through. By doing this, you can prevent mistakenly recording any significant objects that are outside your field of vision.

It’s simple to overlook the camera and tripod that are filming the event when you’re preoccupied with what’s happening at the table. To prevent unintentionally kicking the tripod during a shoot, stay mindful of it while you’re shooting. If you aren’t paying close attention, the notorious tripod kick is likely to occur with this configuration.

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