How to Shoot a Time Lapse Video?

Time Lapse Video Productions in Qatar

Time-lapse photography is employed to produce mesmerizing content by capturing photographs over an extended period. The definitive video is effective in showcasing the progress of projects that take time. Time lapse photography is the most preferred method to capture developments or progress that happen over a period.  Time-lapse can speed up the proceedings to make the video compelling and dramatic. Time-lapse technology is an exceptional tool for marketing of developmental and construction projects that function on tight deadlines.  One of the main benefits of Time-lapse video is that it provides a visual summary of the long-term projects. Being an impressive PR campaign content, it helps the corporate to bag new projects  

The steps involved in shooting a time-lapse 

  1. Pre-production 

In this stage, the corporate approaches the best time-lapse video production company and take decisions on the project. Then the estimated duration and time of work is planned. Next, spots are found at the location where the time-lapse can be captured without natural or artificial disturbances. 

  1. Production stage 

In the production stage, multiple cameras are set to with different lenses and angles for high quality results. Conducting a demo shoot will help greatly as it will provide insights to the final outcomes. The shooting occurs either by photographing the process at certain intervals or by shooting the entire process.  

  1. Post-production 

In this final stage, the time-lapse video is created and edited using the latest time-lapse technologies and trends. Editing with suitable music and texts brings together the video it into next level that meets the needs and expectations of the corporate.  

Why Al Raza Photography is the best time-lapse video production in Qatar? 

Al Raza Photography is the most trusted Time-Lapse Video Production Company in Doha Qatar that delivers time lapse videos for construction documenting the notable milestones of construction projects. We utilize multiple camera technologies comprising drone services to capture the eventful milestones in the construction progress. Construction time lapse videos are managed through time-lapse based construction cameras and 360-degree image-based construction cameras.  

We deliver dynamic videos that narrate the story of development projects. The short, impressive video is an effective promotional tool to attract investors, clients, and PR campaigns for projects. With experience in time lapse photography, our professional team of corporate photographers in Qatar will deliver powerful time lapse videos.  As a leading advanced time lapse photography service provider in Qatar, we continuously strive to explore the latest technologies in video production. 

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