How to make Time-Lapse Videos Explained

time-lapse videos

Time-lapse photography is a dramatic cinematography technique in which several shots taken over a time frame are made into short videos by compact editing. For example, the individual still shots of seed planted in the soil are made into a video showing the seeds germinating into a plant and growing. 

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The timelapse video tries to create a short video by converting hours into seconds. The shoot is very time-consuming but allows one to view long-drawn-out movements in a phenomenal short video. 

How does Time-lapse Photography Work?

Time-lapse photography is popular due to its ability to tell a story by combining shots. The effect is time-saving as well as provides dramatic mastery. In this technique, images taken over a time are played out in a compressed time. The images played back in a matter of seconds are used to create a timelapse video. The time-lapse photography technique manipulates time to create an illusion of high-speed movement where you feel like the subjects are rapidly moving.

Best Subjects for Time Lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography applies to subjects and situations where one can capture changes over time into impressive videos. The sequence of still images is used to document a detailed start to finish video. The video content is best to showcase the progress of events and projects that are long drawn out to create an impressive storytelling video. 

The technique is practical in the following instances:

  1. Sky and Sun Movement
    The celestial world makes for impressive time-lapse videos. Be it the spellbinding movement of clouds in the sky or the sparkling display of stars in the night sky, the sky is an ideal canvas for creating interesting videos. The capturing of sunrise to sunset and the accompanying colour changes make for some spectacular display videos. 
  2. Plants growing and flowers opening
    If you want to capture the breath-taking miracle of nature, then a timelapse video on flowers and plants is the best way to achieve it. The transformation of a seed into an adult plant makes for fascinating video content. The flower blossoming is another enrapturing beauty that can be captured beautifully through a time-lapse video. 
  3. Development of a Construction Project
    The best benefits of timelapse can be produced to best effect in the construction projects. The construction timelapse video is the easiest way to document the construction or demolition of a project. The short video makes for fascinating content, as it condenses months of work into an impressive event. Building timelapse videos serve as a recognition of the accomplishment of an incredible construction project.
  4. City Bustle
    Nothing captures the fast-paced lives in the city better than a timelapse video. The movement of vehicles and people in the nighttime creates a beautiful kaleidoscope video. The general bustle of the people also makes for interesting and dramatic videos of timelapse. The shooting of traffic in a street or highway day or night time makes for interesting timelapse content 

Equipment to Shoot Time-lapse Photography

    One can use any camera or smartphone as long as it can shoot in manual mode. The best cameras for taking time-lapse photos are DSLR or mirrorless cameras.
    A strong tripod that can withstand the outdoor elements is essential for taking time-lapse photography. The tripod should be able to hold the camera steady to avoid blurry photos. 
  • Intervalometer
    The device allows the camera to take shots at regular intervals or a time-space without any manual interference. Most cameras come with an in-built intervalometer. 

Camera Settings to Capture Time-lapse

While shooting a time-lapse video, it is essential to plan out the photography shoot with meticulous detail The camera has to be set up with precision to capture good video.

  1. Manual Mode
    The best mode to capture the shots for time-lapse video is by shooting in manual settings. Always ensure that the settings are in manual mode including manual shutter speed, manual aperture, exposure, and white balance. The manual mode allows you to adjust the shot and light exposure. In the automatic mode, one risks capturing videos with a flickering effect. 
  2. Take Photo in JPG
    Camera settings should make sure that the camera takes photos of the highest quality in JPG while also calculating how many images need to be captured.
  3. Aperture Value and Shutter speed
    Lowering both ISO and aperture of the camera will allow you to slow down the shutter speed. 
  4. Set Time Interval
    Depending on the subject and requirement, one needs to set the time intervals and the different times to shoot. To make a video of 10 seconds, one needs 250 photographs. So, for one minute of time-lapse video, one requires approximately 1500 still photographs. 
  5. Batteries and Memory Cards
    As you are going to be shooting thousands of raw images, make sure that the camera has enough storage space. Time-lapse shooting involves shooting for hours. So, it is important to carry additional batteries to ensure that camera does not shut down in the middle of a shoot. 

Steps to Shoot Timelapse Images

Let’s look at the steps to shoot time-lapse images. 

Step 1

Pick a vantage point to shoot that provides the best view of the action and is safe for you and your equipment. 

Step 2

Place the camera on a stable tripod to make sure that the camera does not move while taking images.

Step 3

If the camera does not have an in-built intervalometer, connect an intervalometer to your camera and dial in the interval settings according to your preference. 

Step 4

Place the camera in manual mode so as not to risk the exposure for your shots. Choose an aperture that places the subject in focus with adequate light. 

Step 5

Take a test shot to check if the exposure settings composure and focus are in place.

Step 6

With settings set to your satisfaction, click Start on the camera and allow it to take the shots set for the duration. 

Editing Timelapse Photography

Shooting the footage for the time-lapse video is just preliminary work. The real work starts with the editing of the still photographs to make an impressive time-lapse video. The basic editing can be done with the photos app but to make a professional timelapse video, one should opt for a third-party app. One can use software like VLC or QuickTime Pro to create time-lapse videos. 

The time-consuming photography technique requires patience and practice but produces magical results. The magic of creating motion videos through still images makes time-lapse photography a smash-hit photography technique. Get creative with timelapse photography. 

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