How to Capture Professional Head Shots Photography?

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Corporate headshot photography is a genre of photography that delivers strong yet simple corporate headshots of the clients that can be used mainly for the marketing purposes. They are aimed to showcase the company’s profile, personality and standards. Here are a few tips that are usually followed to capture professional headshots photography.  

  1. Choose Aperture Priority Mode 

The real objective of a corporate headshot is to get the subject focused on rather than the background. Therefore, for controlling the depth of field, choose aperture priority mode. In this mode the aperture will be at the lowest and the shutter speed will be manually set by the camera according to the exposure in the setting. Aperture priority mode ensures maximum clarity to the subject. And when it comes to professional corporate headshots, this is the right mode that can bring out the character of the photo.  

2. Move back and Zoom In 

Capturing the headshot from a close distance is not a wise idea. It will flatten the immediate features of the subject. In such circumstances make sure to step back, zoom in all the way order and set the frame to get a proper and quality corporate headshots. The wide-angle distortion that is caused by photographing with zoom out mode can be clearly removed by going for this option. 

3. Give focus to the eyes 

Eyes are the most important feature in the face that we usually focus on. It is described as the gateway to the soul by many. So as professional photographers focusing on it gives not only corporate headshots but any photography the perfection and coherence you are looking for. If the subject position is inclined towards the camera, always focus the front eyes to get the best result. 

3. Frame the subject properly  

Frame your subject well in order to enhance the shots. Centering the photo is not at all interesting to see every time therefore offset the subject as per the rule of third’s law. Leave and make the empty space look good by adding a nice background.  

4. Try to shoot down on the subject  

Looking down on the subject while shooting produces the most flattering corporate headshots. When you are trying to shoot the opposite, the subjects chin and nose will be exaggerating producing results that are not flattering. That is why, though the angle might feel dominant, photographers do go for this angle especially when shooting corporate headshots.  

5. Ensure clean headspace 

A clean headspace does not mean clear mind, however make sure you have a headspace that will not distract the look from the subject. The corporate headshots shot on the studio will have a natural clean headspace automatically but if you are shooting outdoors make sure your head is positioned in such a way that is weird. Instead, search for solid backgrounds to make it look good.  

6. Position the subject towards the light 

If you have natural source of lighting, make sure they are facing that light. Or if you are setting up manual lighting, set it across their face. The sideways sun will always make a side look brighter and the other with shadows. That is why photographers generally prefer the golden hours of light which is in the early morning and early evening to get flattering images.   To hire Professional Corporate Headshot Photography Experts in Qatar, make sure to contact Al Raza Photography. We are the leading photography and video production company in Qatar that have the best Corporate Photography in Qatar. Do visit for more information.   

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