Fashion Photography – Everything You Need To Know

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Fashion photography is a type of photography that basically revolves around the fashion sense of clothing and related items. It is generally conducted for magazines or advertisements by companies or individuals. Producing a fashion statement is not an easy task and requires integration of many a things. It is an excellent way to showcase clothing, accessories, makeup, hair or locations. The fashion photography is a genre of photography that have sprouted along with the advancement in fashion trends. It has now become an integral part of the society because of the fashion icons and celebrities.  

Everything you need to know about lighting and camera in fashion photography are as follows.  

  1. Research and plan well before the shoot 

Learning and testing is as always the perfect way to master any kind of skill. If it is fashion photography, researching and brainstorming about the integration of different elements always result in outcomes that are way out of the screen. Conducting a pre shoot will acquaint you with the environment and influences the outcomes.  

  1. Create mood boards for shoots 

Fashion photography is an interesting genre of photography that integrates novel ideas and methods to produce outstanding results. Pre-setting a shoot according to the colour mood is what happens in a fashion photography. Different colours convey different emotions according to the colour theory. So by making use of that, the right colours are chosen to impart a right mood or vice versa.  

  1. Make use of natural lighting brilliantly 

Natural light is the primary source of lighting in photography and is the most desirable mode of lighting as it gives us raw natural photos. With natural lighting, you also get shadows that are a good highlighter for a model when it comes to fashion photography. Experiment different angles and sides to get the best results. 

  1. Experiment with artificial lighting to get out of box results 

Even though natural light is the best, when used innovatively artificial lighting can do wonders to your fashion photography. Most of the time a circular fluorescent bulb is used. Playing with the distance between the model and artificial light can bring out different character to lighting. 

  1. Cherry-pick the camera for the shoot 

The right camera have an impact on fashion photography than we think. Fashion photography is as we know still, attention to detail photography. However cameras that can perform in any condition with high quality is always the top pick for fashion photography. 

  1. Try out different lenses for amazing results 

Different lenses deliver photos with different character and quality in the same fashion photography setting. Therefore experimenting with different lenses will gives you many outcomes that are excellent to each other. The most recommended lenses for fashion photography are prime lenses of varying sizes.  

  1. Switch between modes according to the conditions 

Opt for manual mode when you have complete control over the shoot environment. This way you can give a personal touch to the photographs. But when you are at locations or conditions that are way too high out of your comfort zone, don’t hesitate to go for automatic or semi-automatic modes to get flawless results. Finding the fine line and balance between experimenting or moderating is very important aspect that can make or break a fashion photography shoot. 

  1. Make sure to focus properly 

Focusing in a fashion photography solely depends on the type of fashion photography. Anyway the prime focus is always on the model and the secondary focus is either clothing or accessories depending on the situation. The model’s face is the best place to focus on. It will give character and meaning to the photograph.  

  1. Adjust the white balance accordingly 

Right after setting the shooting environment, do not forget top adjust white balance in order to get the same colours as it is. Cameras are generally colour faithful, however in a warm or cool light setting, we need to do the necessary for the camera to understand the colours properly. It is professionally done by correcting the white balance.  

Fashion photography, being an esteemed type of photography is not an easy task. It requires high end cameras and experienced photographers to make best use of the situation. For stunning fashion photography services in Qatar, connect with Al Raza Photography, the premium photography and Corporate video production company in Qatar . Al Raza photography is a leading name in photography and videography field and have fashion videography services in Qatar for more than a decade. Hire our fashion photographers in Qatar today itself through  

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