Click Photos like a Pro – 5 Food Photography Tips to Improve your Photos

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Food photography is an amazing genre of photography that have to be treated in a certain way to bring out the sensory elements of the food. And thus comes the challenges pertaining to this kind of photography. Therefore food photography in general requires compatible skill, knowledge and experience about both the food and photography. And he is also should know how to work when these both are combined. Here are some of the tips that will book your food photography a space in the state of world publications and websites.

  1. Use appropriate props

When it comes to food photography, props are usually given to fill in the gaps. The dish would be garnished accordingly therefore try to use props that will go with the style and setting of the dish. Some of the top suggestions are ingredients, food related products, tablecloth, dishes, cutlery and more. The props are a great factor in setting the ambience and tone of the dish.

2. Shoot it immediately after cooking

You should not leave your food to be cold even if it is during a photo shoot. A cold food can have difference in the textures and will appear dull in the photographs, making it less desirable and tempting for the customers. You can also try to add freshness techniques but is always advice to capture them as it is right after the preparation.

3. Add natural food styling

Do not make it look like it is staged for the shoot, rather make your meal appear as natural-looking while shooting it. The natural style can be achieved by pulling some techniques such as being a little disorganized. It will give a natural and appetitive look to the food photograph that you captured.

4. Think beyond the meal

It’s not always about what’s on the dish, sometimes, it’s about what happens off the plate as well. Always keep the dish’s surroundings in mind because they can either enhance or contradict your food. Look for complementing colours and give more space in the frame.

5. Adjust the lighting

The secret to any good food photography is light, mostly natural light is the preferred option. Also set up with your artificial sources if you are unable to operate with natural light.

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