Basic Types of Light in Photography

Lights Using for photography

Light is the most important aspect of any good photograph. No matter the subject, the most important aspect for capturing a remarkable photograph is the play of light on the subject.  

An outdoor photograph or a photo taken in a studio becomes a well taken photograph by the beautiful interplay of chemistry between the light and the subject. If you are keen on taking up photography and creating stunning photographs, it is important to understand the basic types of light in photography.  


Frontlight is basically the light in front of the subject.  In a studio, the photograph taken with the light illuminating on the subject from the front is called frontlight. Even with strong sunlight in the background, a soft light in the front creates an interesting contrast and works well with colourful photographs.  


Backlight is the light that illuminates from behind the subject. A strong backlight can work in creating impressive silhouettes. Sun illuminating from the background of a subject can give the subject a dramatic or glowing look. Backlighting should be used smartly or cleverly as it can cause unwanted shadows or overexposure.  


The sidelight is the light projected from one side on the subject to provide contrast and texture to the subject. The sidelight projection works well in defining the shape and form of the subject. The playing of light on one side while leaving the other side in darkness can create dramatic photographs. The sidelight projection works great on black and white photography.  


Softlight is the projection of lights from a distance to wrap around the subject resulting in a soft glow on the subject. The light is not harsh on the subject and creates subtle shadows to show smooth texture with a natural look. The softlighting is generally used in fashion photography and food photography. A cloudy daylight can act as a softlight on subjects to create beautiful natural pictures.  

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