7 Tips to make your headshot portrait stand out

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We live in the fast-moving tech-savvy era. Digital space has become the ground for us to meet new people, do business, make friends, hire employees and the list continues miles and miles. Simply put, the digital world holds endless possibilities for us people to grow and develop. So one has to be prepared to make the best impression in the digital profiles.

Consider you are going for a job interview. You already sent your CV with the application and now you are about to meet the team face to face. Even without seeing you directly, they already had created an image of you through the headshot portrait in your profile. The appearance of a person gives us an overall idea about them – what kind of person is that, approachable or not, pleasant or stern, et cetera.

Why headshot portraits?

Simply put, headshot portraits can talk a lot about the personality and nature of a person. This tells us how important it is to have perfect headshot portraits. In the corporate world, professionalism is one of the top preferred traits and the headshot portraits should reflect one’s professionalism.

The age-old pose of holding breath inside and staring with eyes popping out does not work anymore. You have to appear energetic, pleasant, approachable, confident and flexible in that short thumbnail size picture. How is that even possible? That is where the role of headshot specialist photographers emerge.

Tips for the perfect headshot portraits

1. Professional Photographers in Qatar

Your headshot portrait is a reflection of who you are. When you are meeting a new person, you definitely want to look presentable and professional. To capture the best portrait, you definitely have to get the help of a professional photographer. Of course, it might cost you some handful of Qatari Rials, but that can bring you a high-quality headshot portrait.

Al Raza photography and video production service company helps you figure out the perfect solution. The team leads the headshot photography in Qatar with hundreds of corporate and individual works. You might think it is a simple photograph but only the specialist knows how to make you look amazingly professional and confident in your images.

Let your portraits talk loud on your attitude and determinism. Al Raza also provides the service of female photographers in Qatar to avoid any discomfort the ladies might face posing to a strange man. The photography and video production services offered by Al Raza is of top-quality and grabs you the right spots in your career growth.

headshot portrait in Qatar

2. Wear the right makeup

Your image on the lens depicts your preferences. So it strongly reflects what your tastes are – be it appearance or the attitude. The best advice before taking your professional headshot portrait – keep your make-up professional.

Nobody would like to imagine a responsible CEO or CMO wearing heavy blush and mascara with a bright-red lipstick. So, keep it simple and light. Wear only those shades that do not highlight or project itself out. Let elegance be the crown you wear. 

3. Keep clothing and accessories professional

Clothing and accessories are another areas where many get wrong. You are not modeling for Louis Vuitton sunglasses or a Prada dress. Try to wear a light-color dress that does not grab attention. The focus should rest on your glowing face and not on the dress.

Another big No to accessories like long earring or neck-choker. A simple chain on the neck and a small stud on the ear can make you look more graceful and professional on your headshot portrait.

4. Your eyes talk a lot

Eyes are the most expressive feature for most. Bring your confidence and attitude in your eyes. They can tell the viewer a lot more stories than you personally can. Look straight to the lens. Nobody in your professional arena would want to see you in a candid pose. After all, it’s not an Instagram picture to make yourself look cool and chilled. 

5. Focus on personality and not the beauty

Beauty standards vary with respect to geographical locations but not personality. Each person has a characteristic attitude and look which gets reflected in headshot portraits. Being professional does not mean you have to look stunning in your picture. It just needs to show that spirit you hold inside. 

Bring out your jawline, a little squinch, and pose. Rest, the portrait will tell. 

6. Attention to positive features

Not everyone looks like supermodels with perfect features. Every one of us has our own style and statement in appearance. Professional photographers can bring out the natural elements in you by putting attention to those best features. The Al Raza photographers in Qatar focussing on headshot portraits, give special emphasis on your positive features, and makes you look stunning in your headshot portraits. 

7. Attention to lighting and background

The background has a lot to do with the effectiveness of headshot images. We do not want any scenery or multi-color background in the portraits. This is not any landscape photography, but highly professional headshot portraits. Always make sure the background is a solid plain-color, preferably black, white or royal blue. It can make a positive effect on your portrait. 

Make sure you get the best headshot portraits. These are the power sources we present on behalf of our profile. These images should be able to convince the viewer of the power you hold. Market yourself well and you will be surprised at the effect it can bring on your professional front. 

Get in touch with the best photography and video production company in Qatar, Al Raza, to get the best of you on your headshot portraits. 

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